The Dolpin2e is intended to be used on:
  • sailing boats up to 6.5m,
  • motor boats up to 5.5m
  • and inflatable boats

The Dolpin2e performance is comparable with 4-6hp gas powered outboard motors.


  • cruising speeds up to 6.0kts or maximum hull speed
  • maximum hull displacement 1000kg
  • tiller or remote control
  • 100% load for unlimited time
  • 2-3kw maximum input power depending on the battery setup (24V/36V)
  • >50% overall efficieny
  • lightweight: outboard motor 10kg, batteries 20kg(24V) / 30kg(36V)
  • range depending on the boat characteristics, batteries and speed. Typically at least 25km at a fast cruise speed and using the smaller 60Ah batteries