The Dolpin2e is intended to be powered by LIFEPO4 lithium batteries, but will also work with lead-acid batteries.

LIFEPO4 battery packs are designed as part of the Dolpin2e system.

Each battery pack contains 4 individual battery cells and deliver 13.0V typical per battery. The battery is waterproof and contains an internal monitor system and high speed charger.

Key facts of LIFEPO4 batteries

  • 100% safe, no thermal runaway possible, no danger after puncturing or damaging
  • Normal lifespan 7-10 years, 3000 cycles
  • Enviromental friendly, non-toxic and recyclable
  • Powerfull, lightweight and compact
  • Affordable, 1.5-2x more expensive then deep cycle AGM batteries

The high speed charger inside the battery is able to charge the battery from 0-100% in 3 hours. This unique own design charger, charges each cell individually and does not need the cells to be balanced after the bulk charge phase. This system is fast, easy to use and safe.