Dolpin is a new innovative company, reseaching and developing on marine electric propulsions.

Currently we are developing an electric outboard motor suitable for dinghies and open motorboats up to 6-7m, which is very powerfull and has a long range.

Key benefits over competitors:

  • Powerfull, able to cruise silently at hull speed or 5-6kts
  • Long range, due to using LIFEPO4 batteries which are safe, enviromental friendly and affordable
  • Lightweight, outboard motor only 10kg, battery 20-30kg depending on configuration
  • Low/no maintenance, batteries last up to 10 years
  • Affordable, price in the same rangeas petrol outboard motors

New, ultra low standby power battery monitor

This battery monitor has an ultra low power usage and protects the battery from damage caused by long term storage or faulty chargers


  • protect an 12V battery from damage deep discharge or long term storage without recharging
  • protect from overcharging caused by a faulty charger
  • ultra low power usage <0.1% of the batteries self discharge rate (20mA per month)
  • IP67 waterproof

There are two versions available:

  • 12V lead-acid batteries (flooded/AGM/gel)
  • 12V Lithium batteries, like the LFP12V LIFEPO4 batteries

Manual: dolpin12Vmon.pdf

These battery monitors are made to order and are available for €34.90